slides(revealjs 导出PDF)

slides(revealjs 导出PDF)

1. export HTML to slides

$: unzip
$: cd reveal.js.master

2. Edit index.html

Export to reveal.js from
Presentation made with Slides are powered by the reveal.js open source presentation framework. This export lets you migrate your slide content to a fresh reveal.js install.
a. Download a copy of the reveal.js framework and make the following edits to its index.html.
b. In the , replace the theme CSS with:
c. In the , replace the

node with:
d. In the Reveal.initialize call towards the bottom of your index.html, append these config values:

3. Edit index pdf config

a. edit index.html
add. Reveal.Configure before Reveal.initialize

Reveal.configure({ pdfSeparateFragments: false,
pdfMaxPagesPerSlide: 1 });
Reveal.initialize({ ...

4. Export pdf

open index.html by Chrome like http://xxxx.index.html?print-pdf
Ctrl-P(windows) or COMMAND-P(Mac-OS)


  1. Save Fail(Preview Failure)
    print range - full
    I found Chrome export pdf raise Error when pages number bigger than 56
    So you should export it twice 1-56, 57~64